What is healthy lifestyle coaching?

It is having an accountability team to help you meet your health and fitness goals, by fueling your body with nutritious choices and fitting in fun, effective exercise.  See my post here for why helping others on this journey is so important to me.

Success stories

  • CC – I joined my first challenge group in August 2016. Previously, I really felt like I had my nutrition down- I knew WHAT to eat, but I still struggled with overeating. I also was very inconsistent with exercise, I would do yoga and pilates but nothing too high intensity. I’ve always struggled with being overweight but had managed to keep most of the weight off since high school but I’ve been wanting to lose 20 lb and TONE …pretty much forever! So, I started with 21 Day Fix and was amazed how portion control & consistent exercise began to revolutionize my mind & body. The accountability component truly is the missing link and I have found such community!!
  • CS – When pregnant, she did some investigating and realized Shakeology was an awesome prenatal. “It also helped because  I’m TERRIBLE at remembering to take pills but I didn’t forget to drink a chocolate shake, especially in the midst of pregnancy cravings!”
  • EM – Lost 10 pounds and multiple inches in two rounds of 21 Day Fix
  • AW – Maintains consecutive days of cycling training while using Beachbody Recover protein mix to reduce tired muscles, while using Shakeology to support digestive health.  The accountability of reporting regularly on meals also helps her stay away from many treats in the office
  • TZ – Uses Shakeology daily and fitness programs such as Hammer & Chisel and 21 Day Fix to maintain exact measurements for her job as a fit model.  “I use Shakeology for the dense nutrition and to optimize my digestive health. Since drinking Shakeology I have absolutely had a reduction in illness. I also like that this healthy shake tastes like a treat!”

What are accountability groups?

These are online groups that are generally less than 10 people.  The group provides encouragement to meet exercise, fitness and healthy eating goals and provides opportunities to learn about making better nutritional choices and get introduced to new recipes.  The journey is different for everyone, we all start at different places and travel at different paces, and these groups ensure someone is with you all the way.  And if that isn’t enough there are prizes!!

Want to get started?

Fill out this survey so I can understand your goals and determine how best to get you going on a successful journey!  If you are completely gung-ho to move forward, check out some of the great fitness programs here!