Bikram / Hot Yoga

Bikram and hot yoga are often used interchangeably, but aren’t exactly the same thing.  Bikram is a set sequence of 26 poses and breathing exercises, always performed in the exact same order in a room that is supposed to be 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hot yoga can be any sequence of poses in a heated room.  I’ve seen a trend of studios switching from Bikram specific classes to general hot yoga classes due to the founder of the Bikram sequence claiming trademark rights to the sequence and wanting compensation, beyond the fact that teachers have specifically been trained in the sequence and methodology.

Warnings about hot yoga classes – they can be very hot and uncomfortable.  Your body can adjust and if you are interested and aren’t susceptible to heat related issues you should give yourself at least 3 classes to try and acclimate to the environment and the movement in such high temperatures.  I liked the first class and made it through with only one break, my second class the heat was nearly intolerable, and the third class was more bearable and easier to handle.  But you will leave dripping in sweat, looking like you’ve just jumped out of a pool of water!

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