Pelotonia Training and Fundraising Updates – 2018

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Latest update: May 30, 2018

May 30, 2018

We recently crossed the halfway point to our $6,000 fundraising goal.  We still need to make our contribution (and let Seph’s employer match it), but we still need your help. In terms of artistic abilities my strength is really in photography, but when one of my donors asked if I’d somehow include initials of those she’d like us to ride in honor of on ride day, I had to think of a way to accommodate her.  In all of my Team in Training events we had honorees (both personal and team) and my dad was always my #1 honoree and we would carry those honoree names with us on our shirts or packs on event day.  I started designing the attached and while I’m not quite sure how it is going to be worn on event weekend (maybe laminated and attached to my bike?) it will be displayed.  If there is someone you would like me to add to the list on ride in honor of let me know.

Why do I do this (be it the riding or the fundraising) is a question that I often get asked and the answer is because there isn’t a cure for cancer, the treatments that exist are toxic and have side effects long after the cancer is destroyed, and more and more people in my life are effected by cancer.  Katy, a friend since elementary school, has Hodgkins Lymphoma.  She is under 40, a teacher, coach, wife and mom to two kids and after months of chemo received a bone marrow transplant this week.  It has been more than a decade since my dad had his bone marrow treatment and there are definitely differences and improvements in the process.  So what I’m getting at is I do this (riding, fundraising, raising awareness) to: support improvements in treatment and diagnostics, with the hope that improvements in early detection and side effects will drastically increase and that the suffering from treatments will be minimized, and I do it because I keep adding people to this list that I know that have been diagnosed and are going or have gone through treatment.

I already have 25 names on my design, and while adding more names to the list means I know more people touched by cancer –patients, and their families and friends – it does reinforce why this matters to me and I’d be honored to think about your connections while I’m putting in the miles.

Pelotonia Training Catch-up

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Original Post:

This year Seph and I are committing to a two day fundraising ride – to raise $6,000 total to ride 200 miles over two days, in August, in the humidty of an Ohio summer that we aren’t used to!!  While we aren’t asking you to put in the training miles with us- although you are welcome to, we are asking for your help with our fundraising efforts.

My dad was a patient at the James Cancer Hospital and received excellent care before, during and after his bone marrow transplant.  While the complications of the transplant eventually won, he fought hard with rarely a complaint.  Supporting this fundraising cause is very important to me, and while I’ve fundraised many times in the past, this cause is just a little bit more special.  All funds we raise will go directly towards research, and improving treatments and outcomes which can really make a difference in patient quality of life.
My longest ride to date is 87 miles so there is a lot of training ahead of us to be able to complete 100 miles on day one and another 80 miles the following day!  We appreciate any financial contributions you can provide, regardless of size as well as support and encouragement during training and the event weekend!

The commitment number of $2,500 is just for one of us to ride…so double or nothing to get us both out there for two days!  If we cross $6,000 we will each ride 100 miles on both days of the ride! Help us suffer!

Any amount helps the cause and we are happy to ride in honor or memory of your beloved cancer patients and survivors!

Please join me in supporting this cause, where 100% of your donation will go directly towards cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.

Update April 3, 2018:
We took a little vacation last week to Bend, OR where the pace of life is slower and we got to enjoy the outdoors.  Three fat bike rides on snowy trails, three hikes in new to us places and then fun home owner tasks like raking pine needles and lifting 96 stones for a fire pit ring.  Now is it back to focusing on training and fundraising, with a goal to raise at least $10 for every mile I plan on cycling this week – and I’m looking for a week that is over 100 miles!

Update April 25, 2018:
Thanks for the support we’ve gotten so far! We are 100 days out from the event and about 70 days out from our fundraising deadline.  Even though the progress tracker above shows commitment met – that is only for one of us doing 180 miles.  We want to do 200 miles….which means we need to fill that tracking bar all the way up to $6,000.  Want to double your donation?  Check to see if your company offers matching donations!
Update May 15, 2018:
In the last 3 days I rode 99+ miles with 5000′ of climbing!  Now to get that all into one day!