Success! Level 1 of 200 hour training – complete

Monday through Sunday, 7:30 am – 5:30 pm (plus homework)…The energy, enthusiasm of instructors, inspiration from fellow students and necessary adrenaline made the week very exciting and challenging.  It also made going back to the routine of my paying job today seem dull and exhaustion began to set in.

The amount of knowledge I gained is incredible and there is still so much to learn and get familiar with.  I suspect this will come with more training, practice teaching and working with a variety of body types and I look forward to it all.

I started this training thinking that I wanted to concentrate solely on Yin and Restorative classes as my teaching focus, but this week showed me that I understand the flow poses much more deeply than I would have expected and that my sense of timing works well with this type of class.

Of course, there are plenty of things for me to improve on – cuing consistently through challenging poses, varying the phrases I use and maybe most importantly making sure that the instructions I am saying match my breath so as not to confuse my students.

I’m now half way through the 200 hour program, having completed the Yin training in July.  Between now and October, which starts the Level 2 training class, I’ll be practicing teaching regularly and trying to identify what I want to do for my 20 hour project – there are so many interesting choices I know it will be a struggle to decide.  I’ll also be using this blog to track my progress and share my insights as I get back to a more regular practice as a student and grow as a teacher.

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