What I’ve learned about my body

1. My arms need strengthened
2. My left leg does more than its fair share of work to compensate for the right knee that is missing lots of cartilage
3. I can make it feel like my breath is moving to various parts of my body
4. My shoulders really are constantly tense and in need of relaxing
5. Listening to a guided meditation makes sitting still easier and wiggling more permissible
6. My right hip is higher than my left
7. My left shoulder is higher than my right
8. Improving my body for yoga and life will be a life long process
9. A week of yoga can do wonders for my posture – more than years of parental nagging
10. I may not be the skinniest, most flexible, youngest, most experienced or most “yogi looking” teacher, but I will be the best, and safest teacher I can be!

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