Yoga in Hawaii

I thought that after a week of yoga training, a few days of work and then heading into vacation, that I would look forward to practicing yoga on vacation.  I didn’t have to worry about a schedule, I would have beautiful, tropical scenery to look at, there would be no time  constraints, etc, etc, etc….

What actually happened is…not much!  I was in such need of relaxation that I didn’t want to do anything that wasn’t strictly vacation-esque.  What this means is that the extent of my yoga didn’t go much beyond hanging out in bow pose while snorkeling and watching turtles.  One night (a couple of days after I sprained my ankle) I was starting to get antsy from lack of activity, but was also feeling tired.  So I laid down in bed and relaxed into some yin poses until I fell soundly asleep.

Initially I was disappointed in my lack of practice, but then accepted that practicing what felt right, even if it was limited, was good – I got to enjoy a fantastic vacation and was completely refreshed at the end of vacation.

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