Teaching Workplace Yoga

I was going to begin teaching a workplace yoga class on Tuesday after returning from vacation.  The challenges of this:

  1. Besides me, there are two people regularly in the office (so I invited people from the company we share office space with)
  2. One of them has all kinds of fun medical / orthopedic types of issues – but is familiar with yoga
  3. It would take away from my bike rides
  4. Using touch to correct a co-workers form in a pose could be tricky
  5. There would be no props, so I’d need to be very aware of pose selection

Why these potential challenges have turned out to be of no concern – because of scheduling constraints, nobody has wanted to participate in this class.  This has given me the opportunity to continue to use Tuesday’s for bike rides, but has restricted my ability to practice teach.  I’m hopeful that as schedules change, I’ll be able to encourage participation, I know that as the time changes and darkness comes earlier, I’ll be more eager to teach at this time since I won’t be cycling.

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